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Black rabbit greenpoint speed dating

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When your friends are squabbling over which bar to hit next, few phrases settle the argument quite like: “I know a place with free pizza.” And it’s not just free. Any drink at this local dive bar institution buys you a raffle ticket redeemable for a personal cheese pie straight from their oven. Punk night on Wednesdays brings them out in force, so prepare your obscure band name-dropping in advance. ”, you ask the DJ in feigned curiosity, knowing the answer is irrelevant because you only asked to look cool, you fraud.This is definitely the type of place Jessa would spend too much time arguing that you can’t really “get” The Clash if you’re not from West London.Oh, great, because I have cooked up something that pretty much takes care of all three and more." While we're not exactly sure how the speed dating portion of the event will be coordinated, we do know that some sweet metal and hard rock will be blasted through the speakers.Check out Dave's blog for more info on what to expect at the event.Greenpoint is like that dude at a rager who slams three drinks and rules the dancefloor for an hour, then abruptly leaves to go read his new book about Venice. Luckily his barista salary can easily swing their “Low Life Special”: a shot of whiskey, a Miller Highlife and a pizza token for just . No Name Bar With its lack of a sign, abundance of tasteful carpentry, and many beautiful women, locals dubbed this place “Wood Pussy” for a while, but “No Name” has stuck as an official title.The neighborhood is obsessed with itself, a feeling no doubt helped by difficulties travelling in or out. So where are the best places in Greenpoint to drink away the pain of writers’ block, daddy issues, or that Q-Tip you shoved too far in? We can sum up this place in seven words: “Finally, a piano bar that doesn’t suck.” A cocktail cave with accompanying restaurant, the soundtrack to a very special episode of your life is provided by the baby grand piano dominating the Inn’s back room. They have a full bar, but don’t kid yourself: you’re here for cans of Tecate and large helpings of eye candy.

Hill reports that Brooklyn’s population of female metal fans have jumped at the opportunity, with as many ladies signing up for the night as dudes.Back when it started in 2009, NY Mag wrote that the event brought in “60 of the most awkward people in New York,” before the bar had to start turning people away, including one girl with a Smiths tattoo.As it turned out, “putting Morrissey’s face on a flyer for a singles event is the female hipster equivalent of offering free beer and game balls to Jets fans.” Well, let’s just say that, seven years later, Speed Metal Dating could prove to be the metal-hipster equivalent of dangling free diabetes test strips that double as Arby’s coupons in front of a Trump rally.Match-ups could bring bestial black metal fans together with doom metal devotees and make for gore grind and stoner metal smashups.Hell, we might even see a gothic-symphonic-metal/industrial-metal baby nine months down the line.Does all this make a perfect formula for a diverse, daring and bloody-minded bar scene? Plus, the Manhattan is a great place to order its namesake booze-bowl cocktail: their rye and bourbon-based drinks are by far the largest and lustiest in the borough. This low-lit spot feels like the location for a film noir shot entirely in the forest: Rockabilly meets .