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I try to live a stress free life and like it that way.I am non-judgmental and expect not to be judged my self.The allegations of wrongdoing were first brought to internal affairs by the wife of Fondren in January 2016 after she said she discovered text messages between her then-husband and Martinez automatically backed up to a laptop she claimed to have shared with Fondren.The woman provided police investigators with a copy of the texts, which often describe sordid sexual activity and included explicit photos shared between the two officers.

We find it in our hearts to pay it forward and are starting this support group to be bring encouragement to other couples.” Rachelle and Alic say the support group will discuss various topics, specifically on how to positively overcome couple struggles, how to communicate effectively, how to love without conditions, and “how to become as one as God intended . “Its not that we know everything there is about love,” writes Rachelle on Facebook, “but what we do know is that being surrounded with healthy relationships strengthens our relationship with one another.” LGBT L. The next gathering is a social slated for August 14 at 5 p.m.If you have been accused of statutory rape you should speak with a lawyer immediately.Don't be added to a sexual predator list - find an experienced criminal defense attorney who will be able to advise you of your rights, help you with a defense, and advise you as to what options may be open to you.Bexar County court records indicate that the couple divorced in October 2016, a year after Fondren's wife discovered his affair with Martinez.The woman, who declined to be interviewed by The Defenders for this story, was involved in a fight with an off-duty Martinez on Christmas evening 2015, according to SAPD and county court records.The Police Department released documents related to the firings in late December, more than seven months after they were first requested by The Defenders.