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We all need to put our best foot forward when comes to relationship.
Letters, emails and meetings between Taser employees and city officials, the lawsuit states, leave "no doubt that TASER engaged in illegal and unethical interference with VIEVU’s contractual relations, and that it succeeded in causing the City to cancel the 2016 RFP that it lost.”Vie Vu is suing Taser for “tortious interference with business expectancy,” and asks for an undisclosed amount in punitive damages.

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It’s OK to admit that you love sappy, cute love quotes. There’s a reason everyone still talks about “The Notebook” 13 years after it was released.But make no bones about it, relationships—be it with a partner, a friend or a family member—are hard.

“Busy” is another word for “asshole.” “Asshole” is another word for the guy you’re dating. Rowling, “Ten Things You Shouldn't Say on a Date.1. Liam Payne All my life, men have told me I wasn't pretty enough - even the men I was dating.And I'd be like, ' Well, why are you with me, then?This is where a sense of humor and cute relationship quotes come in handy.Spoken by fictional characters, singers, writers, actors, and more, sometimes the perfect quote is all you need to understand that you’re not alone in feeling however you’re feeling right now.I live in Montreal, and for that reason my children have never been to a beach before. ” “Because Grandma said so,” Bobby patiently explained, “she said that after you croak we’ll all go to Miami!