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Validating checkboxes with javascript

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So the difference between the functioning of the two buttons is not visible.Let us set default values for some of the form elements.Sometimes a password validation in a form is essential.

That's why Parsley is here: to let you define your general form validation, implement it on the backend side, and simply port it frontend-side, with maximum respect to user experience best practices.Let us now write the Java Script function that behaves as the on Click handler for the second button in the above form.where, o Form is a reference to the form object passed to the function using as shown in the form above.The date received can be in different formats again.I tried It is fundamental to correctly parsing a date string that you can tell the parser what format it is in (or supply a format you know it will parse correctly).In order to achieve this, we would need to write a Java Script function that would clear each individual field’s value.